Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Woman With A Plan

Okay, so, contest plans are off. Total bust. I'm not bummed because I was never really sold on the idea anyway, but the issue I now have is trying to find something that I can do that is for ME when everything in my life is about other people and other things. I am not an endurance athlete, so any kind of race or triathlon is just out of the question. Won't do it. And yoga...please, don't even go there. Maybe I'll have to get into those Crossfit challenges or something. See if I can do the most burpees in the fastest time. Hmmmmm

I thrive on a plan. When I wake up in the morning and have a pretty solid idea of how my day is going to shake out, I'm a very happy camper. Especially when it comes to my workouts. Owning my own gym has made the workouts more of a challenge. You'd think it would be easier, but not so much. Sometimes I'll sit down at my desk between sets to work on something and then before I know it 5 minutes have passed between sets. Far from efficient. Not so good on intensity. I really have to be focused about my workouts and schedule them into my day now. I think having random workouts that are hit and miss and not very intense has factored in to my desire to compete - it would give me my focus back.

Since I can't compete right now, I just have to be a master planner with my workouts. It is a happy day when I know exactly when my workout will occur and what it will consist of. I've got myself scheduled into my own calendar today and I am very happy about it. I've mapped out a training plan so I'm not just training "at random." Got my meals for the week all planned out. I guess there are worse things to be OCD about. For me, when everything else seems totally crazy, this is something that I can control, that gives me structure, that keeps me sane.

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