Friday, May 20, 2011

Mom Playground

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Working out has always been, for me, a source of sanity. Having been a mom my entire adult life, all I’ve ever really known is taking care of other people. At 21 I had my first child and at 22 became a single, working mother. Every move I made was for our survival. At the end of the day, meeting my best friend and her little one at Gold’s Gym was a way for both of us young mothers to de-stress, socialize and take a “mom time out.” With each additional child to my family my gym time became that much more sacred.

When I built my own gym in Woodinville, my goal was to make it an extraordinarily mom-friendly facility. While we cater to men and women alike, being a mom, I speak “mother” very fluently and wanted to create a place that other moms would find a sanctuary as I had found in the gym. The gym is my playground, the pull up bar, like my child’s monkey bars, the stepmill, like their merry-go-round. As the playground re-charges my children, the gym re-charges me. When your children ask why you go to the gym, this is a perfect way to explain it to them – trust me, they will “get you.”

One of my MILFs (Mothers In Love w/Fitness) missed her Monday workout. This client trains 5 days a week and is just slightly “addicted” to her workouts. Unable to bring her sick child to the gym she had to sit out Monday. She was telling me yesterday that when her husband got home from work on Monday night she was “pissy.” When he asked why: “I didn’t get to workout today!!” Like many MILFs (Mothers In Love w/Fitness), she has made fitness a healthy habit and made it the one thing in her day that she does for HERSELF.

As mothers, when we’re running on empty we have nothing to give back to our families. It is critical to find away to fill ourselves back up. Personally, I found this in the gym and it has been my saving grace as a mother and so it is very rewarding for me to be able to provide this to other moms like me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking an hour (or more) out of your day to fill yourself back up…guaranteed, you will be a better mother for it. (No, it doesn’t have to be the gym/fitness/working out…find something you LOVE!)

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