Monday, May 30, 2011

More Gratitudes..."The Foo-Foo & The Frilly"

Or maybe better just left at "life's simple pleasures"...these are things I love, that I am grateful for the simple pleasures they bring to my everyday life.

23. Coconut (anything): I love coconut...anything. Rum, perfume, soap, coconut water, coconut milk, lotion, coffee creamer, m&ms. If it has "coconut" in the description or on the label, I'm all over it! Aromatherapy - coconut is mine, hands down!
24. Candles: I love smelly things and candles adorn my home in the winter months - the cozy, the smells, it makes me happy. I used to have candles in my dorm room, my mother burned candles all the time when I lived at home.
25. Paper books: who woulda thought that "paper books" would someday become a novelty. I love to read and I love holding the book, turning the pages. Keep your Nooks, your iPads, etc...I'll buy in paper until those become obsolete too.
26. Lionel Richie: Summer 2009. That's all.
27. MAC Liptstick: Instant happy! Nothing to make a girl feel more girly than a new MAC lipstick shade.
28. Caffe Ladro, Fremont Style: So many "roundtable" Saturdays with Mo, Colleen & Jeri...and of course, Nataboo too! Good friends, fun times, special memories for life!
29. Top of Mt Si: and yet another one of my therapy places. I used to run this mountain up and down several times a week. Now it is a rare pleasure for me to get up there, but I love it just the same.
30. Rob Thomas: I hope this needs no explanation for those who know me.
31. 5" Heels: Because it's fun to feel girly in cute shoes and because I have found it's a quick & easy, noncommittal way to turn a man to mush....or just a bluthering idiot.
32. Kenny Chesney: The man who sings in detail about the beaches on's a quick getaway to an amazing place. Thank you Kenny!
33. Tanning Beds: Since the sun seems not to shine on Seattle anymore - this has kept me from jumping off a bridge due to my SAD
34. Yummy Soaps: I love my shower time (don't go there, guys) and my shower is filled with TONS of shower gels, soaps, scrubs. I have to admit, when my ex-husband moved out it made room for all my fun stuff and he doesn't try to steal it anymore. "That's for GIRLS!!"
35. Trick Daddy, Let's Go!: It's my GO song! On that note, I've got to get my booty to the gym and get my cardio on!

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  1. I get SAD too. thank goodness the sun is starting to shine on my end.

    Lionel Richie FO' LIFE!