Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Metabolically Disturbed

It's my new favorite term..."metabolically disturbed"...

"What are you working today?"

"A little bit of everything...just creating a little metabolic disturbance."

It just sounds bad ass...disturbed. I like it. So, it's what happens when I go into the gym without a plan. I knew I was doing heavy delts, but I have already hit everything in total body workouts this week, so I wasn't sure what else I would do. I got a little crazy...

30 sets of dumbell swings - 45lbs x 12 reps, start at the top of the minute, rest the remainder of the minute and restart. Jacked my heart rate up to 172

10 sets of overhead squats. 4 sets of light RDLs for 30 reps each set. 3 sets of cable pull thru's. Lots of overhead presses with 35lb dumbells. Oh yeah, and I for sure was not training glutes today. I decided it would be good to train lower body less what better idea than to hammer my glutes today. I'm crazy sore already and it's only been 8 hours!!! Finished the workout with 25 minutes on the stepmill. Soaked.

Oh yeah...and I'm "taking it easy" this week. It would probably be more accurate to say I'm "changing it up" because I'm certainly not taking it easy. But it feels good and it is mentally refreshing! Metabolic disturbance training - I highly recommend it! Wear a Polar, that makes it really fun! :)

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