Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Diet & Training Notes

People are frequently telling me that they like it when I write about what I'm eating and how I'm currently training, so I thought I'd post a little update on that front. I changed up my diet just in the last week and am already pleased to be seeing RAPID results!! Saw my friend Rich in the gym this morning and he commented on how my face already looked different than when he saw me a few days ago.

The beauty of finding your "sweet spot" or as we say in the bodybuilding world, being "dialed in", is that the body has a memory for it, so when you are on point with your nutrition, the body responds and it responds quickly!!

I'm typically quite carb tolerant, however, due to the recent "damage" I did on my body, I'm finding that the starchy carbs are causing me to retain more water than I normally would and inhibiting my ability to drop body fat. So, I cut the starches in half and increased my fibrous carbs a TON!!!

My first 3-4 meals of the day contain 25g of lean protein (real, whole foods, not shakes), 10oz of fibrous carbs (usually bok choy, salad, bell peppers, asparagus or broccoli...my current faves) and about 12-15g of starchy carbs, which for me, is OATS!!! :) I'm also using 3-4Tbsp of CapTri (Parrillo Performance) each day.

My "dinner" meal, aka: meal 5, is usually salad and more veggies and 4-5oz of protein like salmon to get some fats in there. And of course, I eat my Dymatize Elite 12 hour Fudge Brownie protein powder before bed. I love dessert, so I gotta have this. It's a staple in my off season diet, the one thing I refuse to give up!!!

As you can see, my diet right now is ridiculously clean. My body is not giving me a choice. I can't tolerate dairy at the moment and my body has a really hard time with anything that is processed, so I'm just focusing on keeping it super clean until I get back in balance.

I've also turned into quite the supplement freak as I try to give my body what it needs to heal. Here's what's going down:

Fish Oil - with every meal
Multi-Vitamin - with every meal
Super Digestaway - with every meal (digestive enzymes)
Pantothenic Acid/B5 - with every meal (adrenal support)
Super B Complex- with every meal (adrenal support)
Potassium -with first and last meal
Evening Primrose Oil - 3x a day (support female hormone balance, regulate weight, help with insulin, gen well being)
Vitamin C - 500mg with each meal and 1000mg before and after workouts

I've always been a huge fan of fish oil but since I started taking it again and gradually increased my dosage I have noticed amazing changes in my skin and hair. Even had a friend notice the skin on my legs was so "shiny and soft." :)

And the training...well, not nearly as much to say about this. I'm sad to say that I'm going to be dropping my weights and lifting lighter. Michael informed me last night that "if you're trying to lose size, doing military presses with 40lb dumbells is probably not the answer." Unfortunately, he's probably right. It will be a hard mental shift for me to make because I love the feeling of lifting HEAVY. My workouts will be mostly cardio based, sticking to compound movements with minimal rest between sets. I'm trying not to overthink it right now. I'll be sure to update when a new lifting strategy is put in place. Thinking I may take up running for awhile......

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