Friday, May 7, 2010

Water Load Day 2

I will say that I "technically" started water loading yesterday, making today, "Day 2". Although, I was over a gallon on Wednesday which was more than I'd been drinking prior. Also, starting yesterday, Crystal Lite does NOT count as water and I've cut it completely, along with other artificial sweeteners. I'm trying to increase my fibrous veggie intake and keeping my protein high.

I am sweating BUCKETS when I'm doing cardio and I can't do more than a half hour at a time because I have to take potty breaks. Heck, even 30 minutes is a challenge because usually by about 8 minutes in I already have to pee again. This is GOOD: water be gone!!!

I woke up this morning and my legs were so swollen and it hurt to be on the eliptical. I had my first gallon of water down by 10am and I am already feeling a LOT better and a lot less fluid retention. I didn't lift yesterday because the pump I get when I lift is so intense it is actually painful!! As of right now, I'm feeling much better than yesterday at this time, so I'm thinking I'll fire up the delts this afternoon since having an insane pump in my delts would actually be kinda cool. ;)

After my cardio last night I did 30 minutes of sauna intervals. What are "sauna intervals", you ask? You sit in the sauna until you start dripping (when I first enter this usually takes 4-5 minutes), step out to cool off (usually about a minute for me) and go back in again until you start dripping, step out, repeat. Usually my intervals are 2 minutes in, 1 out. I think last night I must have left 5 lbs of water in the sauna. It was kind of insane, but it felt really good, so I'll be repeating that again tonight and probably for the next several days to come until I feel like I've lost most of the excess water.

And on the diet front, I am just sticking to the standard protocol that works for me: mod carbs/high protein/LOW fat. I know that, in time, my body will adjust, so I'm not even messing with the diet anymore. Water is my miracle drug.

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