Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Science Experiment Continues...

And not exactly by choice....

Elaine and I went on a diet designed by Dave "Jumbo" Palumbo in the weeks between Vancouver and Emerald Cup. The diet was intended to lean me out...quick! It was a diet unlike anything I've ever done before and to say I was skeptical initially would be a huge understatement. But, I trust Elaine and she said this guy knows his stuff, so I did it. The diet is "moderate" fat (although in my high carb, LOW fat world, it was a LOT of fat!!!), high protein. A lot of eggs, nuts, nut butters, salmon, chicken, tilapia and whey protein.

I was really nervous about giving up my beloved oats, but a few days into the diet and I found I really wasn't missing them that much. After about 4 days my energy levels returned and my body started using fat as its primary energy source. I found that I was feeling really good and that my body was really responding well to the nutrition changes.

As good as I felt, I was still excited to reintroduce carbs after the competition. What can I say...I LOVE my oats!!! I've since learned it takes about 4 days for a change to react in the body. Sure enough, by about Monday or Tuesday my body was fully revolting against the carbs. Bloat city, baby!! Oh yeah, and the body is holding onto every drop for dear life! As uncomfortable as I am and as much as I hate feeling this way, it is yet another useful experiment (although not intentional) on my body that will prove helpful down the road.

After talking with a doctor friend of mine about what's going on, I've decided to go back to the Palumbo way of eating...protein and fat, no starchy carbs, and see if it makes my body happier. My friend said she thinks it sounds like my body is highly sensitive to gluten and once it was removed and then reintroduced I was able to see just how sensitive I am. She also said that given my hormone issues and night sweats that the diet component is probably a huge factor for me in keeping all of that under control. My plan is to try using fruit as my morning carbs and vegetables primarily as my evening carb source. My hope is that once I bring my body back into balance I can slowly introduce small amounts of starchy carbs, in addition to a weekly carb-up (aka: treat meal).

Considering the "4 day rule", today is day 1 and Sunday will be day 4. I am really hopeful that by Sunday my body will be back to digesting well again and not retaining so much freaking's everywhere...arms, legs...shoot, my ankles remind me of my pregnant days with the Washbellies. Not fun!

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