Saturday, April 24, 2010

"The mind doubts, but the heart never does"

So, big decision yesterday. I decided to leave my job at Elite Fitness Training. It wasn't working for me for a long time, but I wasn't in a position to make any changes while preparing for competition. It was a hard decision to make as I really loved the clients I trained there. It just wasn't the right fit for me and wasn't working well with my responsibilities to my children.

As I sit here this morning with my Washbellies on the couch watching tv and totally happy to have their mom home, I have no doubt that I've made the right decision. As the quote says...the heart doesn't doubt. So when I have these moments of small doubts in my mind, I am grateful for the moments that consume my heart and tell me that I am absolutely, 100% on the right path. I've missed my kids. I've missed being able to relax with them in  the quiet of the morning. It's something that I'm just not willing to compromise, no matter what the cost. I love these kids and these days with them will be short-lived, I know. I'm just not willing to give it up.

It's going to be an exciting weekend as I'm working with a group of teen girls in preparation to launch a program I've put on hold as I've been preparing for the competitions. It's a fitness/nutrition/body image mentorship program that we'll be working on implementing in the local schools. As a mother of an impressionable teenage girl, I can tell you, there is a huge need for this and I'm really anxious to finally get the ball rolling and get this program up and running. I'll be posting more information as the program develops...any of you figure girls reading this interested in helping let me know as we'll be in need of volunteers!!

Aside from that, it's all about my KIDS!! Whatever they want to do. It's the first weekend I'm not tied to the gym or the kitchen and we're ALL thrilled about that!

I feel like I've just closed a door and walked into a hallway FULL of doors that are just waiting to open!! It's a great place to be!

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