Thursday, April 1, 2010

A New Day

Today, I woke up happy, genuinely happy. My heart is content and my soul is free. I always knew that I would get to this place, that someday I would come out on the other side...the light at the end of the tunnel. Even on my darkest days when I could physically feel the pain of my emotions, I knew that I would get through it and that my life was going to become really happy!

I have 4 amazing children. They are beautiful and smart and funny. Is it a lot of work single parenting the four of them, without question, but I know it is meant to be this way for now. I'm no longer in that place where I'm surviving day-to-day or trying to "get through" a divorce. I'm done. It's something I've been through, an experience I've lived, something that was. And now, I'm so ready to move on and move forward. I know that in the months and years ahead that my life won't be perfect and that there will always be challenges along the way, but after the last 10 months I know no matter what it is that comes along, I'll handle it and I'll survive.

So, to wrap up all of the legal proceedings, I had to take this state mandated parenting class. It's a class for parents going through a separation or divorce. It was a painfully boring 4 1/2 hours. Not because the material wasn't pertinent, but because it would be much better served to take this class when you're recently separated and trying to help your kids through the worst of it.

We started the class talking about stress and stress-contributors, etc. We had to take this quiz and as it turned out my stress factor was pretty low. So when the facilitator says..."The best way to counteract distress is to put your body under physical stress (ie: exercise)" all just came together. I've always known that my consistent exercise has helped me get through some tough times (now and in my past) but it was nice to hear it from a man who clearly doesn't do much of that type of thing that it really IS a way to combat stress. Another great thing being 10 months removed from separating was that I was able to sit through the class and think to myself every time the facilitator talked about stages and things we should be going through..."Check! Did that!"

I left that class feeling weightless and free, totally optimistic about where my life is going and all of the wonderful things ahead of me and my kids. I think my favorite friend would have to agree with me now..."I'M READY!" :)

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