Friday, March 19, 2010

Mom & The Woodpecker

Okay, first things's OFFICIAL, there's a woodpecker living in my roof. Actually, I think he's doing a remodel on my attic. At least that's what it sounds like - a demolition crew right above my bedroom...NICE! I actually spotted the little jackass moving his linens in this morning. Seriously? As if I needed anymore baggage than I already have - now I'm a single mom with 4 kids AND a freakin' woodpecker. Game on, little man, you're going down!!!

Alight, now that that's off my chest on to bigger and better things. So, today is Birthday Eve. Yup, getting ready to make 35 look AMAZING! I was sharing this story with a client yesterday who was celebrating her son's 18th birthday...

After I had Natalie I realized that my birthday wasn't really about me at all, it's really more about my mom than it is about me. My birth...the culmination of 40 weeks of anticipation, anxiety, morning sickness, aches, pains, acid reflux, cravings, aversions, etc, etc, etc. After giving birth to Natalie I realized how much my mom went through and how much my mom gave up to get me here. I decided that my birthday was an appropriate time to thank her for the gift of life. While it's still great to celebrate ME, I think it's more important to celebrate mom. And actually, don't feel bad for me, after all, I have 4 children of my own now, so that gives me 4 birthdays to celebrate myself. A pretty decent trade-off, dontcha think? ;)

When I was telling my client about my perspective on birthdays she got teary eyed and agreed that it was a big day for her. I don't know any mother who doesn't spend her child's birthday reflecting about that day, the weeks leading up to it and everything she went through on the big "birth day". My mom likes that I use my birthday as an opportunity to thank her for everything she's done and everything she continues to do. Really, it's the least I can do.

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