Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Few Things to Know About the Cape

This is specifically for Bren, but is useful for anyone who wants to start wearing a cape...

The cape is an amazing thing, worn only by people who are amazing and fearless, giving them special powers to make amazing things happen in their lives. One word really sums it up and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, that word is…AMAZING!

Okay, so sometimes the cape gets dirty, which means you have to send it in for drycleaning. This is a temporary thing, usually only lasting a day or two, three at most. You know the cape is coming back soon, but you’ve had to take it off, have it cleaned up and you’re in for a few days of sulking and woefulness while without the cape. The drycleaning of the cape is a choice and so you are taking in a couple of funky days at your own discretion and will. You don’t get to take your sulking and woefulness out on others at this time…your choice, you suffer, you gotta leave everyone else out of it.

Now, sometimes the cape gets flat-out LOST. This sucks, big time. You get mad at yourself for taking it off in the first place, risking losing it. For times like this you need a team of “cape-finders”. You can start with 1, but I’ve found that having a team of 2 or 3 cape-finders really works best that way you have backups if someone isn‘t available. Cape-finders also have to be “cape wearers”, meaning that they have super powers of their own. Only cape wearers are possible of helping you find your lost cape.

I’ve found that it’s good to have a signal for when you lose your cape. A signal that alerts your cape-finder that you need help as sometimes you are incapable of asking. Losing the cape is a bad feeling and sometimes you get stuck and can’t find the words to ask for help. My signal is dirty hair. My cape-finders all know that if I’ve had my hair in a pony tail for more than a day or two that the cape is probably lost.

A cape-finders job is to help you find the power within to find your lost cape. They can’t find it for you, they can only help get your compass reset. You have to be able to summons some kind of amazingness from deep inside to locate the cape. I also recommend having a tangible item you can use as your cape in disguise. No one but you and your cape-finders should know what this tangible item is. Put this item on when you need a little extra super-power coming your way.

Lastly, at first you may have to fake it, you know, that you have super powers. But you just fake, fake, fake and fake some more until it becomes real. And use your cape-finders - they are good at teaching you about your true super powers.

Now, put your cape on, go out there in that big, bad world and be AMAZING and never settle for less!!!

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  1. Julie, thank you for teaching me about the cape! You have helped me find my cape again! It is because of you, that I know that I can be AMAZING! Thanks for being my cape-finder!