Monday, March 15, 2010

Jacked UP!

Whoa!! So I picked up a new fat burner today and I am AMPED UP...ON FIRE...ALL JACKED UP!!! I'm low carbin', but not no carbin' this week so I need the energy boost. Plus, I'm adding in some extra cardio to blast off some body fat before the 27th, bring it in lean and mean! So, ya'll want to know what this badass thermogenic agent is, don'tcha? I bought some MAN SCORCH!!! Not as in, burning a man...MAN would be the brand, Scorch is the name. Loopy, aren't I? This is some good shtuff!

Today was my last heavy leg day, aka: "Build a Butt Monday", before Vancouver. 25 total sets of legs. Heavy squats superset with Bench RDLs and resistance band kick-backs to fry the buns! I managed to hit 235 on my squat again today - woo hoo! Gonna miss having that strength these next few weeks. After squats and RDLs I did Single-Leg Leg Press superset wth calf raises and more resistance band kick-backs and heavier bench RDLs.

Since I was so fired up I went ahead and tossed in an arm workout after I finished legs. And then...I rowed with my last client. And I rowed with a client before that. And before that client I did 40 minutes on the stepmill. So, I've kinda been tearin' it up today. Getting ready to head to Gold's for my last round of cardio for the day and will finish it off with some ab work.

12 days and counting...

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