Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Stuff

It's about 7am and I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop, Hannah perched next to me and Heather and Brenden quietly on the other couch. All 3 are fixated on Dora the Explorer right now. Every few minutes one of them will interject a very sweet and endearing commentary on the show. I am still in my lounge-wear, drinking my coffee and really enjoying this moment to relax, for I know the moment is fleeting. These Sunday mornings help me deal with the crazy chaos that is about to ensue for the week ahead.

And, of course, today is Valentine's Day and yes, it feels a bit weird to me. I can't remember the last Valentine's Day that I was single. While I'm not a big fan of the holiday to begin with, this year and the memories that are coming back are making the day even more unpleasant. However...I am determined to have a happy and fun day with my kids!! It's funny how one day can impact our emotions so much. We all know that one day or a gift or a card doesn't mean you're happy and in love, yet we get a sense of security in the "togetherness" whether it is real or not. I think that, for me, the loss of my "security blanket" and the loneliness that has followed has been the hardest thing, emotionally. I think that's why so many of "settle"...because the loneliness can sometimes be too much to bear. Alright, so that's as deep as I'm gonna get today...on to other things...

6 weeks out from Vancouver as of yesterday...CARB drop! Dropping some carbs and upping some cardio, gotta get lean. I've been having some trouble this prep with dropping my carbs. I'm so active in my job, with my kids and top it off with my own training, that I've felt like I needed the carbs to function. And, honestly, I probably do. I've been holding out dropping them too much for as long as I could, but the mirror is saying it's time to go down. Still going to stay on my carb cycle because that's definitely working - just going to make the low day a little lower this week and see what happens.

Today I'm training BACK with a focus on the rhomboids which means lots and lots of rowing! I've got the kids this weekend so I am missing Mike's circuit class at Elite and I'm also missing Shannon's posing class, but I will definitely be hitting both of them next week!

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