Friday, February 12, 2010

Ah, Valentine's Day

Never been a fan of the holiday of love, really. I mean, when you're a kid it's kind of cool, I guess...another excuse for adults to let you have unlimited candy and a couple hours to take a break at school for a party. Aside from that, it's pretty much useless, in my opinion. If you really truly love someone, why do you need a holiday to show them and tell them how you feel and how important they are in your life? That's the bottom line, really. We all should take the time EVERY day to express our gratitude to the people we love in our lives, romantically and otherwise. You don't need a special day to give or receive love.

Valentine's Day 2002 my now ex-husband and I went to a Sonics/Lakers game at the Key Arena. I don't remember who won. I remember some punk kids sitting behind us talking trash and cussing through the whole game. That, and we were sitting in the nosebleed section. Two days later we spent the night at the Sorrento Hotel in downtown Seattle. That was the night we got engaged. A night that ended at about 2:30am with me in tears, about to call my friend Mo to come pick me up. Not exactly the way I envisioned my engagement night, but whatever. It should have been a sign to run and run fast, but because I thought I didn't deserve anything better, I settled for this. This type of night repeated itself several times over the years. (And yes, I am purposely leaving out the details of the night. Alcohol. Verbal abuse. Kicking. Enough said.)

When I think about Valentine's Day, I don't necessarily think of this event unless I specifically call it to memory. Rather, I think about the fact that true love doesn't care about holidays. True love doesn't need holidays. I guess when I think about holidays such as this I realize what is and more what is NOT important to me. Jewelry sales go through the roof during the beginning of February. Roses. Flowers. Perfume. I say, save your money, keep your gifts and show me through your actions how much I mean to you, how special I am to you. Because in my opinion, gifts are the easy way out. It's much more meaningful and it takes a lot more [emotional] work to show somebody through actions and words how you truly feel.

So, now ya know how I feel about Valentine's Day! :) I'm making the holiday fun and special for my kids...they're going to bake and decorate cookies and cupcakes and they'll be eating a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's on Sunday night. Being with them, watching them enjoy baking and spending time together at home will be the perfect way to spend a meaningless holiday.

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