Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday - Back to it!

I was down for the count most of Friday and all day yesterday. Got hit with a nasty stomach virus. The worst of it was the fever, aches, chills and extreme fatigue. But I figure that my body really needed the rest. So now we're 27 days out from Vancouver,  7 weeks from the Emerald Cup and I'm hoping that the rest I took these last couple days is enough to allow me the strength to power through until mid-April. It has to be! I'm determined to train smarter, not harder.

The beauty of being sick was I had the opportunity to see what my body will look like after I carb and water deplete...gotta tell ya...4 weeks out...lookin' good! The plan is to keep lifting heavy, drop a little more body fat, keep my foods up so I can hold my lean mass and hit the stage bigger and badder than ever! I'm very excited about how far I've come and can't wait to see how my progress looks in relation to my stage appearance last year.

So a couple of really exciting things happened this week - as I mentioned before I had a little suit crisis last week. I'm super excited that Christie Skelton made time in her schedule at 4 weeks out to make me an amazing suit and even more excited that I had a sponsor step forward and offer to pay for her to make the "most awesome suit". Christie showed me the fabric last week and it is a gorgeous, purple/orchid color. She is going to go crazy on the blinging. I can't wait to wear it on stage - it's going to be a WINNER!!!

Excited to be back to training today. I missed my arm workout on Friday so this morning I'm training delts and arms and hitting 45 minutes on the cardio with a second round of 45 this afternoon during the kids' naps. Had myself a nice serving of chocolate protein pancakes this morning and am all fueled up to have my way with the iron. It's gonna be a BIG week, I can feel it!!

And one more legs outgrew my Juicy cargo pants, size 4. Gonna send them to my girl, Shaney in Ohio. The waist is still fine, but I think my legs are going to bust the seams. It's kind of strange to think I did this on purpose, but I am in the process of building a set of badass legs!! :)

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