Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Low Carbin' and Cardio'in

I'm not leaning out as quickly as I would like, so I dropped my carbs way low this week and I kicked my cardio into high gear. Today I put in 95 minutes on the stepmill and 20 minutes on the Precor. I've been doing an hour of cardio at work in the mornings and then 45 minutes at Gold's in the evening after my lift. I also started taking a new thermogenic I got from Max Muscle called Body Effects. It's gives a good buzz and by the time I hit cardio mid-morning I need that after being up for several hours already. One more day of low carb then going to have a high carb day where I'll add in some extra oatmeal. YUM! I can hardly wait - Thursday, here I come!

Last night I trained legs - I killed my glutes doing deep squats - 135lbs, "ass-to-the-grass" squats. My butt is so sore today it hurts to sit down...seriously! Tonight I did delts - Dave's Delt Workout: 12 sets of dumbell overhead presses, superset with rear delt flyes. 35lb dumbells for my heavies - 4 sets of 6!!!

Time to prep some of my meals for tomorrow and pack lunches for the girls and then I'm headed off to bed. This bod and this brain are T-I-R-E-D!!!

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