Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Delt Training

You know how I love my Sunday mornings...full pot of coffee, relaxing with my kiddos...Sunday nights, not so much love. I'm wiped out from a day of running around with the kids, mentally gearing up to wake up at 3:30am in the morning all week and getting food prepared and laundry done for me and the 4 kids. I'm really tired and it's only 8:00. I'm heading to bed as soon as I finish this post.

Usually I just do cardio on Sundays, but today I did my delt workout as well since Tuesdays are dicey on the workouts as my girls have gymnastics. I'm hoping to hit the delts twice this week, so I changed it up a little today as I'm planning to do my 24 set workout on Thursday.

Started with barbell presses - 5 sets of 8. Then I did Clay Hyght's "Delt Triad". Front raises, supersetted with lateral raises, supersetted with overhead dumbell presses. Three sets with 90 seconds rest in between. Holy crap my shoulders were on FIRE!!! After that I finished it off with 7 sets of rear delt flies on an incline bench with 30 second rests. The whole workout took me less than 30 minutes and my shoulders were toast! It was great!

And I can't leave this out...during my workout I got two "compliments"...
"I haven't seen you from the back in a long time...your back is HUGE and really cut up."
"Your butt has gotten much bigger. Not like fat, but like a bubble butt."

The delivery left something to be desired but hey, we're talking about a couple of dudes here...I'll take it however I can get it. Thanks guys, I've been working hard to build that back AND the butt. As long as it's growing OUT and not wide, it's all good! Alright, Nighty Night!

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