Saturday, January 16, 2010

Life Has Been Patiently Waiting for Me

I get chills when I listen to the Rascall Flatts song "Moving On" these days. I remember I would listen to it last spring and I would fantasize about doing just that...moving on. It was something I wanted to desperately to do but I don't think I thought I'd ever be able to do it. And now I've done it and the song takes on a whole new meaning. I realize now that my life was really just "on hold." Just getting by, day in, day out. No forward movement. Feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Life was waiting...patiently. And now I can finally say I am having far more good days than bad. Sure, I have days when I have to deal with waves of emotion washing over me, but now I know that I just have to have those days, feel them and take the steps that I know will help move me past them. I am amazed at how many doors are opening for me and at how quickly my life is changing in ways I only dreamed of! It's truly, truly amazing and I'm absolutely loving it!

So, I think that today is 10 weeks from Vancouver - or is it 9? Sheesh, I should know this! Got my diet dialed in. Been knocking out 2 cardio sessions each day this week. I've managed to squeeze 1 in at work and the other I'm tagging on after my evening lift. My lifts are heavy and strong and I'm loving it! I curled 30lb dumbells last night for the first time (I've done 30lb hammer curls before, but not regular curls)...that was cool. The best part was that the guy doing curls next to me was curling 25's...haha sucka! Sorry, sometimes my ego gets the best of me. :)

It's been a big week for PR's! I benched 135 for 6 reps. I'm going to enjoy the strength while I have it.

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