Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Official!!! My quads have outgrown my jeans!!

Because of my job, I don't wear jeans very often anymore...I pretty much live in workout attire. I already knew that I had put on some decent size over the last couple months (and I'm not talking fat). I really believe that because I've been in a better place mentally my body has been able to put its energy towards building new lean mass. I have been very purposeful in my training and targeting my quads and glutes more, as well as continuing to build my delts and ARMS! The arms still have a good ways to go, but they're coming along.

Okay, back to the jeans. So I'm getting dressed this morning, putting on my favorite pair of Juicy jeans and am having a tough time getting them up over my quads. It was a little bit of a "freak out" moment..."OMG, have I really gained that much weight??!!" Because, as women, we generally have that fear of getting "bigger" and we have been taught to believe that bigger is never better (unless, of course, we're talking about breasts). I was relieved that the jeans buttoned easily and fit fine around the waist.

This deal is a mixed bag. A part of me is going "WOO HOO!!!! All my hard work is paying off and I'm growing!!!" And then there's the other part of me that's having a minor freak out because...I'm growing. Fortunately, it's like an 80/20 mix, so I just need to suck it up, embrace my bigger, badder (that would be "good-bad" and yes, I realize that "badder" is grammatically incorrect), stronger and more powerful legs. For some reason, I am pretty pleased with the fact that I'm growing a butt at the same time. Hey, as long it's growing OUT and not wide, it's all good.

I've decided to go shopping this afternoon for a new pair of jeans that fit me perfectly! A most appropriate reward for all my hard work in the squat rack.

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