Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heavy Benching!

So last week on Wednesday (aka: chest day), I benched 135lbs for the first time EVER. One set, 6 reps. Tonight I benched 135 again for two sets of 6. Another first...50lbs dumbells on the incline press!!! Feeling strong, for sure. I think I used up all my energy on my lift as I sucked when I got on the stepmill. I managed to squeeze out 30 minutes, but that was all she wrote tonight. My energy was gone.

I hate it when that happens. Usually I push through and make it to the end, but right now I have to listen to my body which is very sleep deprived this week. Been up several times a night with the girls the past 3 nights and with a wake-up time of 3:30am that doesn't make for a very good night's rest. Being as far out from the show as I am right now, cardio is still somewhat optional. At least the full 60 minutes is. So I cut myself some slack tonight and backed off. Is it obvious I feel guilty? :)

It's been a great week of training so far...feeling strong and lots of energy for the cardio. I'm going to get a good night's rest tonight (please, Heather & Hannah, don't wake me up tonight!) and double up on the cardio tomorrow. Tomorrow is 10x10 squats and HIGH CARB day! Yay! I'm thinkin' a little Papa Murphy's DeLite pizza might be in order...we'll see...thinking I may want to keep it clean.

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