Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FST-7 Training

I was recently perusing the articles for some new ideas for my arm workouts (trying to get me some guns!) and I stumbled upon FST-7 training. I've never heard of this before and as I scrolled to the workout portion of the article (before reading, of course) it looked interesting, so I dug into it.

I liked the intensity factor of the workout, so I decided to learn more and eventually, to give it a try. Yesterday I did the back workout listed in the article and I LOVED it! My rhomboids are sore today from all that rowing. I've got the width in my lats, so I need the thickness in the rhomboids now. The workout is finished off with 7 sets of 12 reps with only 30 seconds rest between sets. It's intense!!

Here's more information on FST-7 training:

I changed up my nutrition a bit this week. I've been very hungry later in the day and I've pretty much determined that my starchy carbs are too low, given my activity level in the early hours of the day (training on my feet for 7 hours, schlepping barbells and dumbells around the gym). I've bumped up my consumption of OATS, because they are, of course, my carb of choice. I'm also making sure I do NOT NOT NOT go beyond 3 hours without eating. I'm logging every bite that goes into my mouth and making sure that I don't eat anything that's not on the plan. So far, so good!

Tonight I'm training arms with the arm workout in the FST-7 article. Going to top that off with 45 minutes on the stepmill while I zone out to some Chemical Bros. on my ipod. :)


  1. hi. Ive heard that I should only do fst7 twice a week or I might overtrain..what do you think?

  2. I wouldn't do FST-7 training for each body part more than once a week, but you can apply the FST-7 principles to each body part you train and train that way 4-5 days a week. I don't believe in overtraining, just undereating. Eat for it, rest for it.