Friday, January 29, 2010

Day Off!!!

Ah, Friday...the new Saturday for me. :) I just started taking Fridays off (the 6 days a week, 4 kids, training, etc etc was taking its toll) and I'm really loving it. It gives me time to recharge and do some things I want to do and take care of things I need to do.

I am sitting here eating my oats and eggwhites after sleeping in until 4:40 and hitting the gym for a sweaty 50 minutes on the stepmill, sipping on coffee with a dab of sugar-free is good. About 5 minutes ago I could hear my girls quietly whispering to one another on the baby monitor. I think those first moments where they are just waking up and chatting with each other is my favorite part of the whole day.

As parents of multiples we are privileged to witness the amazing bond that occurs with twins/multiples. It is a relationship like none other. Even if you have kids 9 months apart...not the same. Hannah always seems to wake up first, proceeding to wake up her sister. She is the care-taker of the two, the "leader twins" as other MOMs (mothers of multiples) would call it. It's really, really beautiful and moments I hope never to forget. I demand that my memory will be able to recall these moments later in life. I believe that God gives us moments like these because they make the moments when our children behave like small monsters bearable.

It makes me a little sad that I miss this almost every morning, but I think it makes me appreciate it that much more on the mornings I DO get to hear it. I don't think our babysitter has any idea how truly special these moments are. Only another mother could really understand.

"The soul is healed by being with children." ~ English Proverb

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