Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Girl, Transformed

I am THRILLED to post my "Transformation of the Week" from bodybuilding.com

I always saw those "Success Stories" and transformations in the magazines and always wished that I could do that to my own body. It's still a little surreal to look at pictures of myself and know that I really have transformed myself. I say "myself" because it has been so much more than an external transformation. I would even venture to say that I've probably changed more on the inside than I have on the outside. I think sometimes that's the hardest part.

The diet, that's easy. You just have to decide to do it and make it happen. Sure, that takes a LOT of determination and dedication. But, it's simple. You know what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat. You just have to stay on track. And the training...that's easy too. It's cut and dry. You lift. You lift heavy. You push yourself harder each time you set foot in the gym.

The inside, that's not so easy. Our heads are tricky little things. There's a lot of "heavy lifting" to do mentally and emotionally to change on the inside. And it's just like training, you have to work at it every, single day. It's been a natural pairing for me to change my inside along with my outside. I would imagine the same can be said for most people.

I'm still working on the outside and the inside. There are parts of my body that I want to grow and shape. There are things I want to change about how I think and how I treat myself. But, everyday I get stronger - mentally and physically. That's what I LOVE about training. That's what makes me so passionate is that as physically strong as I feel, I feel equally as strong mentally. Emotionally...well, that can depend on the day. Hah!

We're all works in progress. We just have to be better tomorrow than we are today...and we have to want it "that bad."

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