Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gearing up for 2010!

I don't think, in all my life, I've ever been so ready to greet a new year and leave the last behind. I have some big goals for the upcoming year and have visions of my life heading into a great, new direction. I am so excited for the new possibilities, opportunities and successes to come in the year ahead. Things can ONLY get better!

I also don't think I have ever been so over the holiday eating! We've had chocolates and cookies and booze brought into work for the last few weeks. And when you're hungry and just trying to grab a quick bite between clients it can be hard to resist those Dilettante chocolates! I had to throw out the last of the holiday cookies and other sweet treats that were left hanging around the house after Christmas. No need! I'm so ready to be back on track and back to my clean eating!

I was reading an article on this morning and I pulled a quote from the article that I think is my new favorite (though, I have many favorite quotes...I'm kind of a "quote-y" kind of girl). "You can't climb the mountain when you're thinking of taking the elevator." LOVE that!

Big challenges are never easy and you have to mentally prepare yourself for the hard work ahead to achieve the things you want in life. I truly believe that all things worth having and doing take serious work, commitment and dedication. This is a lesson that I've learned in my training that carries over to all other areas of life. I am committed to putting in the work to get where I want to go.

I am still fine-tuning all my goals and big dreams that I want to make happen in the next 12 months. I am 100% committed to competing at the Vancouver Natural and Emerald Cup this spring. I haven't quite nailed down any other shows that I want to do yet. It will depend a bit on how much time and energy I have, after all, my kids and my job are #1 and quite time consuming. This next week I will be giving a lot of thought to how I want to shape my 2010. I hope to have some time this week to post to my blog so I can have it all in writing and be held accountable.

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