Monday, November 2, 2009


I must be on task because I'm "suffering", as Dave would say. No doubt about it, I was a hurtin' unit today, suffering a good bit.

I was at work at 6am. Hannah is down with the flu, so I was only able to train 3 clients this morning. Managed to sneak in an hour on the stepmill and then do a depletion/circuit workout at Gold's. I was happy Janette showed up and I was able to drag her along with me which helped me make it through.

Headed back to Gold's this evening for legs and another 45 minutes of cardio. I did legs as heavy as I could and sadly, it was painful to squat 110lbs. Good grief! I can't wait for high carbs and heavy lifts! Nothing sucks more than feeling weak. I did as much as I could:
Barbell Squats: 6 sets
Single Leg Leg Press: 4 sets
superset with
Dumbell RDLS
Lying Leg Curl: 4 sets (I napped between sets)

That was all I could muster. Then I cranked out 45 on the eliptical and now I'm ready to pass out but must first prepare the 5 of us for tomorrow. Have to be at work at 5:30am, so that doesn't leave much time for morning prep.

Oh yeah...can't weight went up 1lb today. :( Not liking that, but Dave says not to sweat it, so I'm trying not to. The look is good. I feel like I have bony shoulders and that kind of sucks. Didn't make it tanning today...something's got to give and that's what it was!

Have I said yet that I'm ready to get this show over with? :)

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