Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another." John Dewey

It's been a week now since the competition. It was a very busy week at work and I absolutely loved every minute of it. I finally feel like I've found a home for my passion. I've spent the last week reflecting on the last few months, both inside and outside of the gym. No doubt, I'm in a tough place right now and some days it seems like my world is going to collapse and I don't know if I'm going to make it. But I know that I have to have faith and I have to believe that I am going to come out of this on the other side.

Having a job I love, working with people who are passionate, positive and fun to be around is wonderful. I truly love what I do and I love where I am. It is one less thing I have to stress about right now.

My training...I did not miss a day in the gym this last week. Well, obviously I work in a gym, but I did not miss my own training. I know a lot of competitors take a week or two off, but that's just not for me. I was inspired by my coach who is already on track and training for the spring shows. I'm going to do the same.

So, I came off the competition feeling like maybe I don't want to compete again for awhile, maybe not at all. But, after giving it some thought and talking to some people, I've decided I will train my ass off for the spring shows. My goal is to use my passion to inspire other women and I thought maybe competing was not the right place to direct that energy. But, I think I was wrong. I've heard from several women this last week that seeing me train and diet for a show, watching the dedication and discipline is inspiring and motivating to them. So, train I will.

Things are falling in line for me and my kids. Slowly but surely. One piece at a time. The job. School for the kids. We have a nanny in the mornings that we all love and adore. She is a godsend! I have faith that all the other pieces will slowly fall in line for us as well. I just have to have patience and believe.

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