Sunday, October 11, 2009

When Life Makes it Harder

I miss blogging, but my life is so busy right now that I think once, maybe twice, a week is going to be all that I'll have time to do. Hopefully more as I get closer to the show, but usually at that point it gets even harder to find time. But anyway...

It's been really hard for me to get focused and dialed in for this show. Several things I can pinpoint: being a newly single mom, trying to deal with 4 kids and their busy schedules. New job and then a job change. Studying like mad for my NSCA certification. It's much harder running the house by myself, working and trying to prepare for a show. But, it's what I really WANT to do. Honestly, I don't mind getting up at 4am to go to the gym and do cardio. It's quiet, I can think, I can crank up my ipod and just zone out for an hour.

The other thing that has been hard this time around is not having a training partner. I've always had Butch or Jon to train with, so flying solo is a little tough right now. Fortunately, I'm a pusher, so I am able to push myself pretty hard,'s just not the same. And Dave lives way down in Tacoma and refuses to ever leave. So, it's just little 'ole me.

So the good thing is that I've stayed pretty lean during my "off season", so I won't have to kill myself these last 4 weeks. Definitely will have to suffer a good bit. I'm also hoping that my new bosses and coworkers at Elite will help train me and give me that extra push that I'm not getting when I workout on my own.

This morning I am doing 75 minutes of fasted cardio on the stepmill. Then I'll be taking my kids with me down to Renton to see Dave and find out how I'm looking at 4 weeks out. I am going to be totally on track with my foods this week. I am all stocked up on veggies, chicken, eggs, yams and oats. I want to look AMAZING on November 7th - as Dave would say - make it do what it do. That's what I'm gonna do!!

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