Saturday, October 3, 2009

Northwest Championships Training - Week 1 Down

Ugh - okay, I'm really tired. Ratcheting up my cardio and bringing down my carbs really has me tired. I've also been really trying to increase my intensity with my weight training. I think now that I am totally focused in on my diet my metabolism is kicking into high gear, as it likes to do, making me feel really hungry!!!

So, this week has been 60 minutes of cardio at 4:30am. LOVE that!! haha, not so much. I hit bi's and tri's (my weakest links) both twice this week. I followed Michael's tricep workout on Wednesday: superset straight bar push downs with overhead rope extensions for 4 supersets. Then skull-crushers superset with close grip chest press. Followed each strength training workout with 30 minutes of intense, sweaty cardio.

The scale hasn't budged, but I can already see that I'm looking leaner in the abs and my delts are starting to pop even more. Dave said a week to 10 days for my body to adjust, so I hope to be down about 3lbs here in the next 3-7 days.

This morning is one, long 90 minute cardio session and I am dreading it. Just finishing my coffee and heading to the gym. I do this on an empty stomach, so I will be thinking about my egg whites and oats the whole time!!!

Dave is at prejudging at the Washington Ironman this morning and I just got off the phone with him. He says he looks real good. He had to do an INSANE amount of carbing up the last couple days. I can't wait to see him at finals tonight and I hope he kicks some ass on stage this morning. He has worked so hard!!! My inspiration!!

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