Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trudging Through

I thought I would make my best attempt to really document these last 9 days of contest prep in my blog. I always get so focused and busy at the end that I neglect my blog and then I'm bummed because I don't want to forget how it felt and what I was thinking, but I always do. So, I am going to make time I'm going to do this everyday until showtime!

This morning SUCKED on the stepmill. My legs are so tired and sore. Got some DOMS going on from Tuesday night's leg workout. My muscles are sore and they are tight. Going to see if I can get one of the guys at work to stretch me this morning. I made it 68 minutes on the stepmill, but had to back the level down one. The first half hour I kept thinking to myself: "there's no way I can finish this hour on here." Then I had to change my thinking to..."winners never quit!" That, and having upbeat tunes the whole time.

Just finished my first meal and I'm still hungry. Dave sent me a bottle of CapTri so I've added that back to my diet. Not sure if it's my activity level or the CapTri or both, but I think my metabolism is revved up crazy-fast! Not sure what to do about that, will have to email Dave this morning. Maybe a pizza would slow it down.'s a joke!

Oh yeah, and you know you're lean when:
I was sitting on the hard side of the BOSU ball last night doing some ball tosses with Michael and it hurt my butt bones to sit on it. I told him "My butt's too bony." He laughed..."Never hear a woman say that!" I must have dropped some booty fat in the last week because last week I could sit. Had to use the soft side instead.

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