Friday, October 30, 2009

One Week to Go!!!

Final week! I crushed it on the stepmill this morning. Had the level cranked back up to where I usually have it and busted it for 75 minutes!! It helps that I know the end is in site. Only one more week of early cardios and then I can give my body a break!

I'm actually going to be working my early shift next week, so I think that cardio will have to wait until mid-morning.

Only did 2 workouts yesterday. No one kicked my butt at work yesterday and, for that, I was glad. Today is another 2-a-day. I'll hit shoulders and arms tonight and another session of cardio for 45 minutes.

I've never been this lean. Even one week out I am leaner than I was at Emerald Cup and my weight is still holding, so hopefully I will look big and full on competition day. Food is okay. Still have a decent amount of carbs, but not nearly as much as I prefer. So much protein - starting to smell like grandma's kitchen again. I've determined that competitive bodybuilders either a) don't date during competition prep or b) are already married. The body does some strange things at this point in the game. Not exactly stuff you would depend on to attract a member of the opposite sex. Not that I'm trying. ;)

Overall, I'm feeling good at one week out!

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