Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sore and Tired

My body is trashed. Everything about me is sore and tired. My glutes feel like I've been hit with a hammer over and over again. My quads...oh God!! I got on the stepmill (with my friend Rich and his son on the two machines next to me) and just couldn't hang. My quads were killing. My legs felt like lead with each step I took. I had to get off. And let me tell you, getting off was very humbling as Rich is stepping away with one arm in a sling as he just had shoulder surgery. I had to walk down to the eliptical to finish off my remaining 40 minutes.

Yesterday was legs, so no wonder why my legs are sore. But then today at work Alex (my boss, the owner) put me thru a killer workout that was a chest/quad combo followed by intervals on the bike and then back/ham combo followed by sprint intervals on the treadmill. He killed me. I liked it, but I'm sore, I'm tired and I am STARVING!!!!

Here's the snapshot of what my training looked like today:

4:20am - Stepmill 71 minutes
12:00pm - Circuit/Interval training w/Alex
5:00pm - Back/Triceps/Abs, 5 minutes stepmill, 40 minutes eliptical

I'm going to bed now, to do this all again tomorrow. My body is definitely ready for a week of deloading after the show...AND...pumpkin pie protein bars!!! :)

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