Monday, October 12, 2009

This One's For Shaney...

So, a day in the life...25 days training today was a little insane...

4:30am: 65 minutes on the stepmill. Speed Intervals, Level 15

6:30am: after showering, eat "meal 1" consisting of egg whites, spinach and oatmeal

9:30am: after dropping off kids in their respective places, eat "meal 2" consisting of chicken breast and more oatmeal

10:00am: training with Alex and Elite Fitness (training meaning educating, not working out)

12:00pm: Training with Alex (working out): hard core circuit and intervals on various cardio machine. Emphasis on my weak rotator cuffs and core work.

1:00pm: more educating

2:00pm: EAT "meal 3" (repeat meal 2)

3:30pm: meal 4

5:00pm: Buns & Guns at Gold's
Squats (heavy weight was 175lbs for 8 reps)
Box Jumps (3 sets of 15)
Lying Leg Curl
Dumbell Curls (25lbers!!!)
Hammer Strength Preacher Curls
Cable Rope Hammer Curls
Finish off with 45 minutes on the eliptical

7:30pm: more food!!

I'm starving!! Going to shower and eat again and go to bed to do this all again tomorrow!

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