Sunday, October 18, 2009

Julie vs The Stepmill

It's official: the stepmill has become my number one opponent. I used to loathe 60 minutes on that thing and now I actually (insane as this sounds) look forward to my daily match with the 'mill. Yesterday I actually climbed up and punched in 9-0 for minutes. That was a long ass time. Long ass time. During the week I do 60 minutes of speed intervals, so yesterday I set it to the manual setting and worked in some intervals. Usually I hit speed intervals when a good, upbeat track came on my ipod and just busted it as fast as I could for the length of the song. My body is adapting, so my endurance is getting better and I can hold a faster pace for the duration. Pretty cool as I used to be a runner and loved to get faster and faster, so this is kinda the next best thing. I'm going to do the Chase building stair climb with some of the guys from work in December. With all this stepmill training I should kill it!

I met with Dave today, but I'm not supposed to blog about it. *sticking out tongue at Dave*

So, 20 days out today. Aside from this cold I've got going on I'm feeling pretty good. I am definitely tired and run down and overtrained. I'm looking forward to taking a week to not push myself quite so hard after the show. Maybe I'll just do circuit training for a week before I jump right back into the heavy training to build more for the spring shows.

I'm going to see Christie this week to have her put hooks on my suit. I don't really have a whole lot to do in terms of preparation, aside from the diet and training. This will be my 5th show now, so I feel like it's all going to flow. I should probably start practicing my posing in my heels this week. I haven't done any posing practice yet.

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  1. I have my fingers crossed for you! I'd love to see a picture of you wearing that crown! Keep up the hard work! You Rock!