Sunday, September 27, 2009

Under the 6 Week Mark

Okay, so here it is...the scoop from Dave...

Just under 6 weeks to go and he says I'm pulling off a "4 week out" look. I haven't really been on the diet, so this is good news for me. But, time for the hard work to begin.

I'll be dialing up the cardio to 2-a-days Monday thru Friday and one long session Saturday and Sunday mornings. I heart cardio. No, I don't. Back to carb cycling and Dave says no more pizza for Jules. Bummer. :(

He liked my look. Gave me props on my legs, my lats and my new & improved delts. But, he claims (and I agree) my genetic weakness is my biceps and triceps. And, I admit, I don't train them nearly as often or as intensely as I should. So here goes the 5 week killer arm program. Let's see if I can get me some guns in short time!

I'm ready!

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