Sunday, September 27, 2009

Takes Me Back

Divorce is lonely. There's just no two ways about it. It's nice to always have "somebody" there for you.

It's a fall Sunday morning. I'm sitting on the couch having my coffee alone, which is typical. But there's no football on any of the remaining tv's. There's no fantasy football lineups that need immediate attention. The kids are sleeping. It's just me, my coffee and my computer (any my new book too).

For just a split second I think: "I'm all alone. This sorta sucks." And then I quickly remind myself of the reality of my fall Sundays and being alone doesn't suck so much anymore. I think this feeling will come to me from time to time, especially with the holidays in the not-so-distant future. But I know, with everything that I am, I know...THIS is right. And alone is only temporary.

Because this is a "contest prep" blog, I should write that I am meeting with Dave today. If you haven't been following, shame on you! Just kidding - Dave is my coach and trainer. He's also one of my very good friends. So, anyway, heading to Renton later this morning to meet up with Dave and have him tell me that I need to get my fat self dialed in with my diet and cardio. Dave is 6 days out from the Washington Ironman, so I know he looks fiercely lean. Knowing Dave, he's all covered up and I won't see how shredded he is until Saturday.

I'm pretty sure I've got added cardio coming at me and a loss of my beloved carbs. I'm ready! Bring it! I'll be 3 weeks out from stage time when I'm talking to potential gyms/studios - I'll be looking FIERCE!!!

41 days...and counting...

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