Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I made a decision yesterday.

I'm tired of being everybody's bitch. DBG's bitch, my kids' bitch...you name it...tired of it!

One thing I think I'm pretty good at is keeping it real and finding time to do things that are important to ME personally. Competing is one thing that is very much ME-focused. I am not one of those people that can give up everything that is important to me without resentment. I've been having a really hard time giving up the fall competitions. I know, there's always another competition and that's not the point. I miss the process. I miss pushing myself. I miss having a PURPOSE for my training. There's not much that I do for myself and I need something that is for me...something that makes me feel good, powerful, productive...I need to compete.

No way I ever could have made the Ironman show for this fall. Not possible. BUT...I can make the Washington State Championships in Olympia on November 7th! I may not come in as lean as I would had I started prepping earlier, but I will look the absolute best I can for where I am right now. I will do whatever Dave tells me to do and eat whatever he tells me to eat and I will BRING IT!!! So, Kristie, save the date: November 7th! You have to come with me or it just won't be the same...heck, I might not even do it without you. ;)

I need this to refocus myself. To keep myself from getting bogged down by my heavy load. Something about the competition process and the competition itself empowers me to do what I need to do in my personal life. And...I miss Dave. I miss Dave a lot. Dave pushes me hard but he also knows when I need a confidence boost and I need that in my life right now - both the pushing and the boosting.

I have no idea how many weeks out we are...7 maybe...here we go!!!

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