Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Little Tiara Talk...

I don't have anything woeful or insightful to write about today as far as life and love goes, so I'll just get back to the matter at hand...

Training is going well. Natalie is back in the house, so I'm back to 5am cardio sessions this week. LOVING that. (can you sense my sarcasm?) My weight is down 5lbs since last Wednesday, but I'm not going to worry about it until the bossman says I should. After all, I'm under 8 weeks and this leaves me 6-8lbs to lose to get to stage weight.

So, I guess the biggest thing on my mind right now as far as competing goes is the fact that I may have to put the competition on hold due to a major life change = JOB! :) The show is 3 weeks after I start my new job and well, that just might not work out so well. I will continue to diet and train as though I'm doing it and we'll just have to see how things roll. There is another show 4 weeks after Ironman, so if I can't do IM, I have my sights on that show in November. The bummer about that show is that figure competitors don't get tiaras. If I recall correctly, they give out these cheap little medals...well, whatever, 1st place is 1st place right...?

And as for life: I finally feel like I'm not falling apart everyday and like the pieces are all beginning to come together for me and my kids. School starts next month, I'll be working and I'll be divorced in less than 30 days. Life is definitely moving in a better direction and I think although, I'm not out of the mud yet, I'm definitely getting closer to "the other side" and that feels really good.

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