Saturday, July 18, 2009

To Compete or Not to Compete???

I've been struggling in the gym lately. Yesterday it was a challenge just to stop crying long enough to get from the car, check the girls into the daycare and rush to the locker room. Then it was a struggle to stop crying in the locker room so I could go out and get my workout on.

As I was going thru my workout and thinking about preparing for my upcoming fall shows I half-decided that I'm only going to do the Ironman. A) Money - I can't really afford the trip to Spokane, the extra tan, the entry fee, etc. B) I just don't know if I have the mental capacity to gear up twice in a row like that and C) Ironman is my "goal" show for this year, so I guess since I don't have a lot to give right now I'd rather give what I do have to the Ironman. And there's always the Olympia show 4 weeks later if I somehow find my inner badass between now and then.

I've actually thought of giving up the fall shows altogether, but decided that would be devastating for me. Right now this sport is the one thing that challenges me in a positive way and reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to. Not to mention, as I told my coach last night, a good workout really manages to bring me out of my funk for awhile.'s what my good, sweatty workout looked like last night...and it was good and I worked my ass off (literally!)

RDLs - 10x10 (heavy only got to 155lbs)
superset withDB lateral raises (12.5lbs)
Barbell Lunges - 4x10 (85lbs)
superset with DB bent-over rear delt flies (15lbs)
Hammer Strength Lying Leg Curl -3x12
superset with DB front raises 12.5lbs

I finished off with 40 minutes on the eliptical and I was sweattin' good! I was really glad I forced myself to workout yesterday. Amazing what it can do for the mental state. Now it's time to re-motivate myself so I can go in and do it all again this morning.

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  1. If my vote counts at all I say compete! Grab on to what feels normal and role with it! The gym can go you wonders! Take all your pain there at work it out, use these weights to release the built up anger and frustration! Don't let him take away from you what has made you happy this last year. Show him he can play his games but you will always raise above!!!