Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Delts

Tonight's training was DELTS! My favorite body part...besides legs. No spotter tonight which totally sucked. Butch was SITTING at home being lame!!!! I managed to have a pretty great workout by myself, although I was itching to try the 35's on my presses, but needed a bump to get 'em up. I did Dave's 24 sets and I was sweatin' and burnin' by the time I was mid-way thru.

Overhead Dumbell Press superset with Bent Over Rear Delt Dumbell Flies

15lbs x 15/15lbs x 15
17.5lbs x 15/15lbs x 15
20lbs x 15/15 x 15
22.5 x 12/15 x 15
25 x 12/15 x 12
30 x 8/15 x 12
30 x 6/15 x 15
30 x 7/15 x 12
20 x 15/15 x 12
20 x 15/15 x 12
17.5 x 15/15 x 12
15 x 15/15 x 12

Getting that full ROM and coming ALL the way down really burns the delts. I had a great pump at the end of my workout. I followed with sprints on the treadmill. I was called to the daycare after 10 minutes of sprinting (1 min at 11mph/1min at 3mph) to tend to my wounded son. I was wiped from the sprints so did 20 minutes on the eliptical to finish it off. Spent another 15 minutes sweatin' in the sauna - felt awesome! Now, I wait for these babies to grow!!!

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