Sunday, June 7, 2009

Time to Refocus

My head feels like it is just swarming with so much information, thoughts, concerns, emotions. It's totally, completely overwhelming!!! I think the magnitude of everything I'm going thru has gotten me a little depressed. I find myself utterly exhausted and stealing naps in the morning and afternoon. I don't have time for napping, I have stuff to get done. I have lives to get figured out here. I do NOT have time for the luxuries of napping!!!!!! 

I suffered a little set-back this weekend and I won't go into any detail on that. I will just say that a little drama was added to the already full plate of drama pie I've got goin' on. It reminded me that I need to refocus. Remind myself of the tasks at hand and get my rear in gear. Time to channel the powerhouse within. So...this week...

I'll be wrapping up my real estate course by TUESDAY!!! (somebody please check in with me on that...hold me accountable) Which means I should be taking my test by Friday at the latest and holding my license by next weekend. 

Secondly...I WANT THE TIARA!!!!! Time to get the diet dialed back in and hit the weights HARD! I want to kick some serious figure ass this fall and there is no reason why I can't do that. Regardless of my life situation, I would be dieting and working out, so why not. And on top of that, I have the best damn figure coach EVER!!!! I'm 16 weeks from my first fall competition. Time to get serious and get my game face back on. I want to win!!!!

So, that's where it's at. Time to stop the pity party. I got shit to get done!!!

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