Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weight Drop & Cheat Meals

I've noticed my weight steadily dropping over the course of this last week. About a half a pound a day. I have dialed back my time spent on cardio and increased the starchy carbs, but still dropping. So, the cure for that? A good, solid, cheat meal! :D Friday is designated cheat night though. My girlfriend and I went to The Rock for dinner and drinks. Those small pizzas are pretty perfect for one person. I ate all but one piece - didn't want to pop the button off my jeans. Haha Oh yes, and a couple of Blackstrap & diets were in order after the week I've had. And a little side note: why is it that when restaurants serve soda it's always flat? What's up with that?

My training has been really intense this week and my post-workout nutrition hasn't been what it should be, which I think may be contributing to my weight loss, but I'm not sure. I've been afraid of the high GI carbs and I don't know why. Some weird mental thing that's going on with me. I got my shake just right after yesterday's workout with Jon and I felt like crap afterwards. I think it was a result of a shock of the sugar to my system. I may have to play with this a little to get it just right. 

Today is going to be a rest day. My mom and I are taking my girls to see Elmo Live this morning, so after a quick cardio it's off to Everett to see the Sesame Street gang. The girls should LOVE it!

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