Saturday, April 18, 2009

Morning After the E Cup 2009

I have a hangover, a big one. Nope, not from alcohol. I only consumed 1 Cruzan Blackstrap & diet last night. My eyes were on the FOOD!!! My husband and I dined with my 3 good friends, Kristie, Julie and Janette at The Rock after the show. YUMMMMM!!! I swear, if you've never done a contest diet, you really don't know just how good pizza can taste.

Yesterday was a big day in the life of Julie. A lot of hard training, extreme dieting, ridiculous cardio, and I could go on and on. To compete in this sport is a sacrifce and moreso for the people that the competitor takes along for the ride...the family. I've noticed that my kids seem to know when it's the week of a show. They get really needy and unusually naughty. They're ready to have their mom back, it's obvious. And after many long days, early mornings, too few carbs, I am ready to be back to being their mom/wife/daughter/friend. I am anxious to get back to my LIFE, which just so happens to include...

TRAINING!!!!! I love to train. I love the weights. I love to lift heavy and I love being strong. I love pushing my body to see how far I can take it. That's why I compete, it simply gives me a goal. I'm far from where I want to be, so I've got a lot of work to case you were worried that I was going to sit around and get fat these next few months.

I did not place top 5 of my class and I will admit, I stepped off stage yesterday feeling very defeated. Fortunately, I have an amazing coach and wonderful friends who remind me that I gave it all that I had. I did not miss a training session, a cardio session, I was totally dialed into my diet...I brought it. I brought what I had. Nothing I can do that there were other girls that had bigger and better. It is what it is. I just have to bust my ass to build it and bring it better next time. That's all that I can control and trust me, I will do just that...prepare to see some major progress between now and next fall.

This morning I am enjoying COFFEE with a little coconut creamer and it is so good. Again, if you have never contest dieted, you probably cannot appreciate just how amazing this little treat is. I am heading to the gym with my family this morning to do my cardio to help metabolize what I consumed yesterday as I am back at the Emerald Cup tonight being Elaine's trophy girl for the bodybuilding awards. Can't let my belly be hanging out. ;)

And before I sign off today, I want to issue some thank you's to my friends/support team:
Brett - my wonderful, supportive husband who helps make it possible for me to live this dream. My awesome coach, Dave Patterson! This is one, amazing guy in so many ways! Check him out at the Emerald Cup tonight in the over 50 class. My other coach and trainer, Jon Blodgett who pushes me harder in the gym. My "motivator", Butch, who puts up with me even when I'm low carb and crabby. Kristie, the Backstage Bandita, who is now 4 for 4! Always my cheerleader and number 1 fan! Love you girl! And Julie Norton who is always there for whatever I need and is my photographer extraordinaire. I have a great team and some really amazing people in my life. I am truly blessed!!!

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