Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting Closer

This has been a really hard week. Lots of "downs" and doubts this week. I'm pretty much miserable right now. I'm hungry. I'm tired. And many days I'm just discouraged by my body and it's lack of progress in leaning out. I've emailed Dave twice this week for pep talks. He is so great about being so responsive and really setting me back and track and putting my mind at ease. He is an amazing coach and so good at what he does. He truly is "The Guru". And of course, I had many wonderful friends this week step up their support and give me that extra push and encouragement I've been needing - thank you!!

Yesterday was especially tough. Even with my "high" carbs (an extra 27g) I was exhausted. And cranky too. My poor family. I have managed to drop four pounds in the last two days!!!! :) And, I'm actually pretty confident that my abs are going to come to the competition with me this time! I can actually see the outline of a 6-pack. Not bad for a mom of 4. This crazy diet and cardio are definitely working and getting me lean.

I've been trying some new strategies with myself to encourage my body to let go of the fat. Yup, I'm kinda crazy, I'm talking to my body about "releasing the fat" as I do my cardio. Silently, of course, as the other early morning gym goers might find my chatter a bit unusual. Seems like it is working. I also started reading the book, The Secret, which my mom gave me a year or so ago. The timing seemed good for getting my mind set on the positive. I'm only 1/3 of the way in, but definitely a book I would recommend.

Two more weeks and lots to do. Lots of ups and downs to come, I know. I am so grateful for my supportive and understanding husband and friends. Sometimes when this gets "painful" it is easy to feel like a victim, but I chose this and know that it is also my choice to carry on or to pull out. I will suck it up and carry on. ;)

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