Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Pain = No Gain, right?

I am 5 weeks out from my first show of 2009, 8 weeks from my second. Time for the real suffering to begin. I met with Dave today (aka "the Guru"). We spent about 4 hours together doing body comp, physique assessment, nutrition changes and posing. I had him all to myself today and it was awesome!

The good news first: in 2 weeks time I have lost no weight, BUT, I've managed to drop 2% in body fat which means I've gained 2lbs of lean body mass. A very good thing being so close to a show. I still have 10-13 pounds of FAT to lose in the next 5 weeks, but I am very encouraged by these numbers.

The bad news: my carbs cut whacked! In HALF!!!! If you know me well, you know that I love my carbs, namely, my oats. This will be a hard adjustment to make, but I WILL do it. I want to have a kick ass physique when I step on stage I know this is the path to take me there, so let's get 'er done!

Cardio: my cardio got cranked AGAIN! Holy buckets!! And I'm a girl who likes her cardio, but this is a lot. Thank God for ipods, Brittany and Beyonce! I'm at 60 minutes of early morning cardio and 30 minutes later in the day or after lifting. Holy crap!! I'll be ditching spin class because Dave wants me in the gym at 5am to do my cardio. I'm taking playlist suggestions for my ipod.....

And this is kinda funny. Dave told me "it's time to start covering up!" Huh? Yeah, he doesn't want people telling me I look good because they don't really know what "good" is anyway. I'm supposed to wear sweats from now on.

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