Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dialed In!

It's official, folks, I have HIT MY STRIDE!!! No more funk, no more lack of motivation...I am 100% dialed in, ready to rock, good to go!

I had my (probably) last cheat meal on Saturday (Valentine's) night. Want to hear about it? Good. Papa Murphy's large DeLite Hawaiian pizza. My favorite! Cheese, Canadian bacon and pineapple never tasted so good...oh yes, and crust (aka: the closest thing I've had to bread in months). I ate FIVE pieces! Yep, that's more than half! I topped it off with Natalie's homemade peppermint bark. MmmmMmmm.

Okay, on with the good stuff. As of Saturday I was 6 weeks out from my show. Sent my pictures over to Dave (aka "the guru"). He is pleased with my progress and says I am right on track. My diet is staying the same this week until I see him on Saturday at which time he'll start pulling calories. :( I can't really complain though, I'm taking in 2700 calories a day! I am still following a 5 day training split and 7 days of cardio. Yeah, about that cardio...I am tired, really tired. This whole 5am business is tough. I kinda like it though. I've always been a morning person...I love being up while the rest of the world is still sleeping. I most productive in the morning. But...I think the early cardio sessions will have to go after E-Cup when I start building again.

People around the gym are starting to ask if I'm preparing for "a competition or something". Hah! I love that - people can see me leaning out which is really motivating for me seeing as how I see myself everyday it's not as noticable. I won't be as badass as I hope to be. I still have a lot of building to do to get to where I want to be, but I am really pleased with the gains I have made over the past few months.

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