Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Training with Dave

Monday Jon and I went down for a little leg workout with Dave. Okay, torture was more like it. Brutal. I've never trained so hard in my life. It's been two days now and my legs are still very, very sore. My quads are tender to the's crazy! I would love to get back down to Tacoma to have Dave take me thru a shoulder workout one of these days as the delts are one of my [many] areas of focus right now.

I'm adding more supplements to the stack. Lots of aminos, loads of vitamins, green tea caps, and Max Endurance. Fortunately, I don't have the $55/session training expense this prep, so it makes the supplement expense a little easier to swallow. Pun intended.

Dave seemed pleased with my physique at 10 weeks out and told me I would look "really goooooood" if the progress keeps up. IT WILL IT WILL!!!! Apparently I do not have a "Q angle" in my quads...nothing I can fix, just a genetic thing. Can't have it all...I got away without stretch marks after carrying and birthing 4 kids, twins included, so I'll give up the "Q angle" for that. :)

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