Saturday, January 17, 2009

10 Weeks - Gettin' Leaner

I've got a full stock of Captri in the pantry and I'm up to a full 5 Tbsp a day. 1935 calories/day in whole foods and 600 Captri calories. I feel like I've made significant progress just in the last week with the addition of the full load of Captri. I am quickly becoming a believer in this stuff. I am really confident that I can get leaner than last time with the diet, supplements and training plan that Dave's got me on.

Speaking of Dave...JB and I are headed back to Tacoma on Monday to see him again. Another physique assessment and...a dreaded leg workout. I am scared. Very scared. Of the leg workout that is. I'm pretty sure he is going to push me to places I've never been before. I think I'll be feeling like the fat folks on the Biggest Loser when Jillian is yelling at them to DO IT!!! I am hopeful that Dave is going to think I've leaned out in the last few weeks. I hope. Otherwise I don't think I'll want to hear what he's going to do to my diet.

So, the big news: last night I got to have a cheat meal. PIZZA, baby!!!! I felt like a sinner. Papa Murphy's Hawaiian DeLite pizza. Okay, don't laugh, I ate 6 pieces or 3/4 of a large pizza. And to be quite honest, I was still hungry. I could have finished off that sucker, but I couldn't bear to live with the fact that I would have eaten an entire large pizza. Even if it was a DeLite. Anyway, it was good. Damn good. Two more cheat meals before contest and that's it. The next cheats will have to be cleaner, you know, like a bigger than normal bowl of oats. Okay, not that clean, but definitely no more pizza.

One last comment while it's on my mind. If anyone reading this is looking for a really tasty, high quality protein bar I gotta give Parrillo's sampler pack a big huge ass thumbs up (these are my new sweet treats)!

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