Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Progress - I'll take it!

Yesterday was a good day! The calipers were good to me, although, truth be told I think that last week's numbers were a little off. At any rate, progress and I'll definitely take it and run with the motivation for the next couple weeks. I think that I look leaner and really, that's all that matters.

Trained legs last night with Jon after body comp. Training Dave-style with high volume and only 1 minute rests between sets.

Squats 10 x 10

Leg Press superset with Leg Curl 4 x failure

Hammer Strength Leg Curl 2 x failure

Leg Extensions 4 x failure

My ass is sore today...lovin' that! Someday I shall have my dream bubble butt. :)

Last night was my first posing session with Tanji for this season. It was great...just Mallory and me. We've both competed before, so this was a great chance for us to work on polishing up our poses, sassing up the walk and getting more poised with our relaxed poses. Great time and we're both hoping to get Tanji to ourselves again before competition. Tanji said I've made some great progress since October and put on some good size...and also said I'd have no problem getting lean enough...take that, Derek!!! Some areas she thought needed more work (well, besides the fact that I just need MORE MUSCLE everywhere) are: inner quads, chest, triceps and front delts. Hey, I was just thrilled to hear her tell me I've made good progress over the last few months. That was exactly what I needed right now!

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