Monday, January 12, 2009

My Captri is Late!!!

My Captri is now nearly a week delayed due to weather and I'm starving. Starving, starving, starving!!! I realize that I was really not mentally ready to go back to tilapia and spinach just yet. Just the thought of it makes me want to toss my cookies. Oh wait, I guess I better say...toss my oats.

Been having a hard time hitting my 1950 calories a day and without the Captri, I am down about 400 calories a day. With the increase in cardio and the increased intensity in the weight room, I am freakin' famished!!! 10 weeks, 5 days seems like a very long time. I guess it doesn't help that my cheat meals got cut, I think that's doing a mental number on me. I can't have it, but I also can't have it to look forward to. The cheats were really keeping me on track.

For everyone who keeps asking about pictures, I promise, I will put some up this week. I just wonder why people are so intersted in pictures of the "fluffy girl". Jon is doing body comp again tonight, so hopefully there will be SOME progress. I have been strictly adhering to the program...both nutrition and training. I am dying to see the numbers start to come down!!!

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