Saturday, January 10, 2009

11 Weeks - In Full Swing

11 weeks and counting...

The new workout is awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The 1 minute rest is pretty brutal and the fatigue sets in pretty quickly. I am very sore chest is still sore from Wednesday and my lats are really starting to hurt from I just wait for the shoulder soreness to set in from yesterday's workout. I have to keep reminding myself that this workout is designed for cutting and for fat loss as well as a little building. Dropping the weight has been a mental challenge, but so far I haven't had to drop too much.

JB did body comp on Wednesday and while I'm done 3 pounds, my body fat did not change, so that says I lost muscle. But I've decided that the calipers lie. Based on how my clothes fit and what mirror mirror on the wall says, I AM leaner.

Monday is the first posing session with Tanji. And hoping to meet up with Christie next week to start on my suit. My fat suit. Hah! Sorry, I have nothing exciting to write about this week. I could share my Derek drama, but I think I would get scolded by someone for doing so. :)

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